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Indicators and Reagents

We have a wide range of indicators and reagents for our online analysis instruments which are optimized for use with our photometers.

You are on the safe side when using our Heyl reagents!
Avoid premature wear or problems with the analyzers, as they repeatedly occur, if indicators of other manufacturers or unapproved cleaning solutions are used.

Testomat 2000®, Testomat ECO® and Testomat® EVO Indicators

Overview of our indicators for hardness measurement with measuring ranges.

Testomat 2000® Reagents

Overview of our reagents for Testomat 2000® devices without hardness measurement.

Titromat® Indicators

Overview of our indicators for Titromat® devices.

Testomat 808/BOB Indicators

Overview of our indicators for Testomat® 808 and Testomat® BOB devices.