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The first device from our new series of transmitters is ready for work: Testomat® Modul TH
It combines the measurement technology of the Testomat® family with a technical structure that is significantly reduced to the essentials, which reduces costs and is of low maintenance.

The Testomat® Modul TH transmits its measurement results to a higher-level controller. This can be done either via the current interface (4-20 mA) or RS232 interface.

Networking of Testomat ModulsBasic functions such as alarm acknowledge, reset and standby operation are performed with the help of the function keys on the device.
The parameterization of the device is done with the help of the program Service Monitor, which is delivered with the device.

The technical data can be found on the product page of the Testomat® Modul TH.
A flyer about the device can be found in the download area.