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21th Dezember 2010
Heyl supplies the right tools for identifying pollutants

The most recent report published by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) that detailed levels of hazardous hexavalent chromium in the drinking water of more than 30 cities in the USA showed that: Clean water is a valuable resource that must be protected and regularly checked. Expert help in this task can be found in Germany. Gebr. Heyl Analysis Technology, a German company with its US base in Chicago, can provide the necessary analytical instruments. This allows hazardous substances such as hexavalent chromium (chromium VI) to be measured clearly and securely so that appropriate action can be taken.

The EWG environmental protection agency is carrying out the first nation-wide analysis of hexavalent chromium  levels in US drinking water. According to the Washington Post report from December 20, 2010, the poisonous hexavalent chromium was detected in 31 of the 35 cities tested, and of those, 25 cities had water supplies with dangerously high levels. The researchers involved found the results "alarming" and demanded that drinking water should contain no hexavalent chromium.

It is okay to trust, but it is better to verify. The tiniest amounts of the substance can be detected in water using the Prozess-Photometer Testomat 2000® CrVI by Heyl. The wet chemical online monitor checks for levels of chromate (CrO42-) of anywhere between 0 and 2.0 mg/L as well as hexavalent chromium (CrVI) between 0 and 1.0 mg/L. The device works with a photometric analysis principle in compliance with the German industrial standard DIN 38405.

Two reagents are added for the analysis. The result shows up after around 2 minutes reaction time. The analysis can also be used for the control and monitoring of waste water treatment plants from electroplating or from process water streams in the metal processing industry. Two independently programmable limit switches are provided for monitoring and control tasks. The results of the analysis can be logged with a point or line recorder (0/4-20 mA) using an optional card (current interface SK910).

Heyl has been manufacturing innovative and reliable products for industrial water preparation for over 50 years and is nationally and internationally renowned for its pre-assembled project items. Heyl's range includes analyzers and sensor measurement technology, internet enabled micro controller systems, process instrumentation and analysis systems for diverse water parameters. Heyl works closely with manufacturers, partners and customers all over the world. Technical know-how, expertise in development and high advisory quality are all important factors for the company's success.


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